Things to consider when looking for your hard to find employee

If you have a vacancy that requires a specialist, or if you are finding it hard to find someone with the right skills set or qualifications it may be worth considering if you really have exhausted all your options.

We have put together some thoughts to help you try something new and locate your highly skilled team member.

Who are they?

Are they creative, technical, analytical? Use this information to tailor the way you write your job advert and market your vacancy to them.

Where do they hang out?

Think both online and offline. Creative types may use Pinterest and Instagram whereas LinkedIn may be better for more corporate roles. Notice boards and shop windows are great for workers who are out and about.

Understand your vacancy

Make sure you have a specific Job Description that is concise. This goes for the advert too. Use jargon or language that only people in this field will understand – this is a great way to filter out candidates that aren’t right.

Try something new

Get creative, maybe use Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram. Put some humour in your job ad- tell a story. You could even use video to get your vacancy out there.

Online groups and communities

Find out what online groups or communities exist in their field and start engaging. LinkedIn and Facebook are great places to start.

Expand your search area

Consider whether you could look interstate or whether the role could be worked remotely as this will open up more options.

Use video interviews

Being able to watch them communicate via video means you can zero in on the most suitable candidates without wasting time on candidates that aren’t right for your role.

Build your employer brand

Make sure you are known in the market, be visible on social media and in forums where the people you are looking for are around.

Join a networking group

Find networking opportunities to help get the word out there.

Hire a contractor or a freelancer

If a contactor or freelancer is available this can bridge the gap giving you time to find the person you need on a permanent basis.

Cultivate your own talent

If there really is a skills gap why not look to hire people with a similar skill set that you can train. Or train an existing staff member.

Target specific industry trade associations

They may have websites, job boards, discussion boards and social media group, newsletters or trade shows – all great ways to get the word out.

Run a refer a friend scheme

Offer an incentive for other staff to tap into their own networks. These people are also likely to come recommended.

To make your life easier, we’ve made a downloadable CHEAT SHEET…. check it out here

If you have tried all these and still need some help give us a call! We are experts at sourcing those hard to find candidates – for more information we can be contacted on 07 3353 9134.


Danni Lopez is a recruitment specialist at Coral Recruitment Solutions – a Brisbane-based recruitment agency. If you need some assistance with your next job advert, reach out to Danni to see how she and her team can assist you.