Employer Branding

We’ve all heard about promoting your brand to your potential customers but what about doing the same for potential hires?

What is Employer Branding?

It’s your value proposition to your employees and potential hires rather than your general company brand reputation to your customers. It’s an essential tool to help you stand out from the crowd and attract top talent.

How can you build a strong Employer Brand?

1. Social media

Show candidates what it’s like to work in your organisation on a day to day basis. Use video – do a quick Q&A with the team or a tour of the office.  Post photos from a recent event, celebrate achievements of your staff.

This is easily the most widely used channel for organisations building and nurturing their employer brand. Not only will it enable you to promote your culture and employer brand, it will also provide candidates with a channel to interact with you directly.

2. Career sites

Make sure that you have an up to date and engaging career section on your website. This is a fantastic place to showcase why your company is a great place to work, what benefits you offer, what your company values are and the types of people you are looking for. Make sure that you have information on current openings or an opportunity for a potential hire to contact you with an expression of interest.

This is also a good place to include employee testimonials or case studies to provide credibility.

3. Word of mouth

This is a difficult one to control but if your organisation really is a great place to work then current employees and former staff will be able to advocate for your business. Encourage employees to generate their own content for your website or social media pages and share company posts on their personal pages. Provide opportunities for your staff to attend industry events and networks.

4. The recruitment experience

You can put effort into all of the above and create a fantastic employer brand but if you get this bit wrong it will all be for nothing. If a candidate has a bad experience, not only are they likely to reject an offer you make them, they are also not going to act as advocates for your business as an employer to other potential candidates. It is just as important to get this bit right for candidates that you don’t want to hire and keep your reputation intact.

Ensure that you make the application process streamlined and relevant, asking candidates to send a resume, cover letter and then fill out a 20-page online application form is unreasonable and will likely put most of them off.  If you take weeks to get back to a candidate after they have applied for your role you may end up losing them to a competitor or put them off your company completely. If they have a bad experience at interview then you can be sure other potential hires will hear about it.

Make sure that you check in with Glassdoor to see what your employees are saying about your company, if you don’t have a profile make one and start to use it as a tool to build your employer brand.

Why is it important?

Employer branding is become all the more important in a market where candidates have a lot of choice, especially if you are looking for a particular skill set that is hard to find or in high demand. Employees are becoming more selective about where they work, not just the role, and they are often looking for a workplace that closely aligns with their values.

A strong employer brand will help you to build a pipeline of talent, improve the quality of hires you make and help retain and engage your current staff. All of this will have a knock-on effect to your general brand and reputation in the market.

Danni Lopez is the Founder of Coral Recruitment Solutions and can help you with ensuring your next recruitment campaign is on brand and successful!