An introduction to social recruiting – using social media to find your next top employee

Social recruiting – “recruiting using social media”.

Advertising online for staff has been around for a long time but in recent times it has changed dramatically, in particular with the advent of Social Recruiting which has had a significant impact on how organisations advertise their job vacancies.


In terms of social media, LinkedIn is the first platform that comes to mind. Allowing employers to create a network of potential talent, it also has a job ad posting function. Recently LinkedIn launched its matched audiences program which means targeted ads based on location, skill sets, education etc. Launched 6 months earlier than expected, it will be interesting to see how effective this is for job advertising as previously advertising roles on LinkedIn has been too expensive for many businesses.

The great thing about finding candidates on LinkedIn for both employers and job seekers is that there’s no forwarding or reading through resumes – the job history is right there in the profile making the application and shortlisting process much more efficient.


Facebook is becoming much more popular, again with the option of targeting as well as creating specific job ad posts. This is a great way to reach passive candidates or those that have had enough of sending their CVs into the traditional job boards “apply now” blackhole.


Snapchat is releasing a self-service ads manager which will let any advertiser buy, manage and view reporting for their campaigns, this will be available in June.

Downside of social recruiting

The flipside with using social media is that you still need to make sure that you are targeting your ads to your audience, it may be the best written and best looking ad but if it’s not aimed at the right people it just isn’t going to get results. Knowing who your target audience is means knowing exactly what your role is and who you want, this is the key first step to having a successful recruitment campaign. Check out Neil Patel’s blog for tips on how to get your targeting on Facebook spot on.


This is just scratching the surface when it comes to social recruiting, but there’s a lot of info out there on the subject. A great advantage of using social media is employer branding, even if your ad doesn’t get the person you want it’s still great exposure and visibility for your business.

So, does this mean that traditional job boards like Seek and Indeed are dead? Absolutely not. Jobseekers will still use them and they are still one of the most effective ways to recruit for many businesses. However, when used in conjunction with social media and/or targeted ad campaigns it becomes so much more powerful.

Danni Lopez – Recruitment Specialist

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