Recruitment Services for Employers

Recruiting the right people to join your team is fundamental to your business’s success. Coral Recruitment Solutions recognises that the amount of time that you can afford to devote to recruiting will be variable, dependent on the role and your current pressures of your role. But, fundamentally, you have to be the one in charge of your recruitment- we can help you out with the “doing!”.

To make your life easier, Coral Recruitment Solutions has developed a suite of three main recruitment packages. Each of these requires less and less of your time in the recruitment process. Here’s how we’ve structured them for you:


The name gives it away, this is the package to kickstart your recruitment. We will take a brief from you and understand the role and what you want to achieve. We will develop an advertising and marketing campaign for your vacancy and post it to key job boards and advertise on social media. We’ll send through to you details of all of the candidates who apply and you can choose who to interview. We believe in making our services available to all businesses, so we’ve priced this aggressively at only $299+GST.


Anyone who has recruited in the past will know how much time it takes to sift through the array of applications once you’ve got a job advertised. Unless you’ve got an incredibly niche role, it’s likely you’ll have wasted a lot of time trying to get a good shortlist. That’s where TimeSaver comes into play. We take the pain away for you. Using our extensive knowledge and having listened to your brief, we work through all of the candidates, and provide you with a shortlist. This can simply save hours. As an example, office jobs based in Brisbane, Queensland, have been attracting over 300 applications; trade-roles in the northern suburbs have seen in excess of 150 applications. Your time is better spent running your business, leave the hard work to us. You’ll get a beautiful shortlist of candidates to choose who to progress to interview. To take the stress out of recruiting, we’ve priced this to go at $549+GST.


Some roles are inherently hard to fill, the role may be hugely niche, the location undesirable or the salary that you’re able to offer may not be at market rates; alternatively, you may want to take all of the pain out of the recruitment and selection process and pass it on to us! The All-Inclusive package is a tailored pursuit to find you the right candidate. We deploy our resources to proactively seek out the candidates that fit your brief. Once we’ve found some, we’ll complete some initial screening, before we present to you a validated shortlist of candidates. You conduct the interview of any candidate or candidates that you believe fit your team, and we assist you through to reference check – and can also make the offer on your behalf if needed. This is a robust process, is time intensive, but our clients have seen great results and people we’ve found, are now valued and valuable members of their teams. Unlike most recruitment agencies across Australia, we don’t charge a percentage commission, we believe in transparent and fair fees. Therefore, this package has been priced at $2,999+GST.

It’s important to understand that in all of these packages, you’re getting a dedicated account manager and single point of contact for your interactions with Coral Recruitment Solutions. We are completely transparent with our fees, and will provide the invoice upfront.

Our Price Differentiation

It’s worth comparing our fee structure to market rates. Let’s take an example that you need to hire an admin assistant at $50,000 per year. Most recruitment agencies would charge you somewhere between 15-22% of their total salary as a finder’s fee. That would equate to a fee payable of between $7,500 and $11,000. That’s simply too much for many businesses, which is why our biggest package, the All-Inclusive, has been priced at $2,999, to be affordable and accessible to all businesses.

Other Recruitment Services

In addition to the packages outlined about, Coral Recruitment Solutions can provide bespoke recruitment and talent solutions for your business. We will develop a service based on your needs and what you need to achieve to be successful.