We are not a traditional recruitment agency, instead we have developed 3 packages for you to to choose from- all designed to be flexible to your needs. These recruitment packages range from a light touch to a full solution.

Whether you need assistance with just the advertising campaign, shortlisting or interview coordination and reference checking we have a package that will suit your needs.

  • Want to keep control of the process but want to outsource the time consuming parts?
  • Need something affordable and basic to get you started?
  • Not sure how to run a successful advertising or sourcing campaign?
  • Looking for someone to do the entire process but can’t afford the agency fees?
  • Does your HR/Recruitment department have more pressing tasks to work on?
  • Finding it hard to attract the right candidate?

Our packages

KICKSTARTER Package- $299 + GSTTIMESAVER Package – $549 + GST
✓ Job advert written and posted on job boards and promoted on social media
✓ Applications are forwarded to you when received
✓ Dedicated account manager
✓ Job ad written for you and posted on job boards and social media
✓ Applications managed and screened
✓ We shortlist candidates for you
✓ You receive the shortlisted candidates (saving you the time of filtering and screening endless applications)
✓ Dedicated account manager

ALL-INCLUSIVE Package- $2,999 + GST
✓ A full advertising and sourcing campaign
✓ A shortlist of candidates that have been interviewed by us
✓ Interview coordination and feedback
✓ Reference Checks
✓ Candidate offer and salary negotiation