Personality Tests in the Workplace

Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker to Year 11 students at a local Brisbane state school. As part of their studies they are looking into different personality tests in the workplace, their uses and limitations.

I presented on the DISC model, a well-known assessment that provides insights into a person’s observable behaviour.

It was interesting for me to hear the input of the students around why they thought these types of assessments were beneficial as well as flawed in a workplace scenario. One of the common themes was that made people aware of others around them as well as themselves and this can be applicable in a school environment as well as a work one.

Here is a recap of a few of the ways in which an assessment such as DISC profiling can be useful in the workplace:

Leadership development

If you understand your own communication and behavioural styles it can help you to interact with other and lead more effectively. You can learn to adapt your leadership style so that you can communicate better, build trust and get the best out of your team.

Communication training

Everyone has a different way of communicating and if you don’t understand how you communicate in relation to others this can lead to issues. By understanding these different communication styles, you can start to have better interactions with others as you can tailor the way you interact depending on the other persons own style.

Recruitment and Selection

Using a psychometric/personality test in the hiring process is best used after selection. It can be a great tool to see how the new hire can be best managed and how they may fit into an existing team. It can also be a good tool pre-selection to help you put together some appropriate interview questions.

Team Building

A DISC profile or other profiling assessment can be a great tool to use in team building exercises. It can help teams develop their self-awareness and awareness of others they work with and help them make sense of how they act on a day to day basis. It can also be fun and eye opening especially when done in a group situation.

There are lots of different models and tools out there which all have their own pros and cons. Perhaps your workplace would benefit from conducting some sort of assessment in order to improve teamwork, morale, customer service or staff engagement?


Danni Lopez is a recruitment specialist at Coral Recruitment Solutions – a Brisbane-based recruitment agency. If you need some assistance with your next job advert, reach out to Danni to see how she and her team can assist you.