elephant rock currumbin

The importance of taking time out from a busy schedule

For a lot of people across Australia, today represented the first day back at work after a few well-earned weeks off, recharging the batteries and spending quality time with family and friends-  and of course, taking the opportunity to see Australia regain the Ashes!

However, for many small businesses, the last few weeks haven’t been filled with mince pies and rum balls. Instead, they’ve been in the office working on client projects, at the factory keeping the lines moving or plugging away trying to keep bread on the table. The life of a small business owner can be tough. In fact it is tough. The buck stops with you. But, we love it, otherwise we’d be out in the corporate world, earning money for some suit or other.

However, don’t under-estimate the importance of a break.

While the Christmas period might not be the time when you can get a break, it is critical during a given year, that you do stop, reflect, recharge and re-set.

At Coral Recruitment, we didn’t officially close during the Christmas Break. Yes, we took some time out on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, but from 27th our clients were working and so were we! I will share though, how spent a little down time over Christmas.

With our head office based in Brisbane, Queensland, we are lucky enough to have some of the most gorgeous beaches and hinterland, anywhere in the world. South of Brisbane, the Gold Coast boasts over 57km of coastland and some lovely beaches, including Currumbin Beach. We spent a day down in Currumbin, enjoying the great coffee on offer opposite the SLSC and then relaxing watching surfers try to catch waves into the Currumbin Alley. But, bizarre as it sounds, this wasn’t the highlight. As we still had work to do, we started the day early…and I mean really early. We were lucky enough to be down at the beach for first light and for sun rise. There’s something special being on the beach with no one around and first, the night becomes day – with the sky going through may iterations of blue and pink as the sun starts to burn through the cloud cover. Then progressively, the sun makes its way over the horizon and within seconds is blinding. Elephant Rock catches that light magnificently as do the towers over at Surfer’s Paradise over in the distance.

When the sun is up, the surfers are up and out in the water. They come to the beach in their numbers and on the day we were there, mother nature did not disappoint. The waves came in big strong sets and there were many wipe-outs and some greatly skilled wave-riding.

If you said that first light was around 4am and sunrise prevalent just after 5am, after a few hours on the beach it was time to head back to the reality of a working day. However, it was no ordinary day, I was extra motivated, extra inspired and ready to smash through the day. I’d only been away from the office for a matter of hours – but it just goes to show, as a small business owner, grab that time or make that time – it will pay you back in spades.


Danni Lopez is a recruitment specialist at Coral Recruitment Solutions – a Brisbane-based recruitment agency. If you need some assistance with future recruitment, reach out to Danni to see how she and her team can assist you.